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Wishmaster Kami

& it's just pretend ;

Kami Scare
6 June 1989
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[ Kami ]
This journal is one of constant change. Kami has never been able to keep an attention span for very long and this results in long absences.

Kami's worst habit is starting a really good fic and then not finishing, leaving her readers hanging and very aggravated with her. She wishes she could finish them but she seems to have an aversion to finishing projects she starts. She is terribly sorry for any and all inconveniences this causes and hopes that people can forgive her for such discrepancies.

Kami has been a member of livejournal for many, many years, having gone through several screen names. She is finally satisfied with this one and eventually plans to purchase permanent residence here, if they ever go on sale again. Until then she pays a yearly fee to have a few perks.

This particular journal is home to fics of an assortment of fandoms, rp logs and blurbs of her day to day life. Kami has just recently created a separate community for her graphics, which she makes on a whim. You can find a link down below.

The number one cause of Kami's frequent absences to her journal is the fact that she has created, writes for and runs her own role play community here on livejournal. The premise of this RP is good vs. evil, a pan-fandom universe where a mysterious group of creatures run all time. She currently plays 4 characters in the RP, all original in design, though she has played fandom based characters before. Alas times change and for now she is quite content with her babies.

Kami is always looking for new friends to discuss a variety of things with, be it music, fics, graphics, arts and crafts, books, TV shows, etc. etc.

If you need to contact Kami you can PM her, IM her on AIM at WishmasterKami or e-mail her at wishmaster_kami@livejournal.com

If you want to find Kami across the World Wide Web, here are some handy links for you:



[ C R E D I T S ]
CURRENT LAYOUT: gossymer @ noveltybox, with base codes by grrliz
CURRENT MOODTHEME: Breakfast Club: Original Poster took the post down and I can't remember who to credit it too D: If you know, please PM me!
PROFILE LAYOUT: Kami @ Touching Suns with texture by lil_brokenangel